Aggregate Washing

In keeping with SE Davis & Son Ltd’s involvement in recycling we have developed a Mobile Aggregate Washing System. We believe that the system is unique since it doesn’t rely on a constant supply of clean water for washing or the need for vast settlement lagoons in which to dispose of the used water. Instead we use a closed system and Water Recycling Unit that allows us to recycle the water in the system. The plant increases the proportion of re-usable products that are produced, and is fully mobile allowing us to process the materials on clients sites.

The system is proving very popular for the recycling of road chippings by local authorities and their contractors.

See the plant in action –   Video length: 5 minutes, 49 seconds.

Water Supply – You don’t need a water supply for our system – we load it once and recycle the water.

Water Disposal – With a closed system, our water doesn’t need to be settled to get rid of waste. With recycled water being used, there’s no lagoons required – SE Davis washing plant takes up a very, very small footprint.

Easy Set Up – All our washing plant is mobile, we can fit it onto any site that has some flat, solid ground. From start to finish the plant can be installed in just 72hrs.

Cost Saving – The reason why councils, road contractors and civils companies love our plant is that it can be installed quickly, will make you money from the recycled product you produce and can be incorporated into a site temporarily without affecting other operations at fraction of the cost of loading out to another site.