Grading And Paving

We can use a wide variety of materials to construct your new roadway including stone or road planings that you may already have on site or that we can arrange to import. We also have available our complete range of crushing and screening equipment to prepare stone or demolition material etc that you may have for this purpose.

We may also be able to supply our own recycled graded top dressing – with the option of cold blending it with a bituminous product to give an even more hard-wearing surface. Or, if you already have a good road base, we can resurface it with a mixture of tar and hard chippings of your choice.

See a grader at work –   Video length: 4 minutes, 1 second.

Keep It Simple
We’re your all in one solution, with plant, graders and crushers and screeners, we offer a turnkey solution for your road building.

Get The Surface You Want
We have our own supply of materials for you to use on your project and as well as machinery, our experts can advise you on alternate mixes to to get the surface of your choice.

Get It Right First Time
Our experienced and skilled operators will make sure you have a road built or restored that will last. We will inspect and check every inch to to get your road made properly from the start.